Stretches and Exercises for the Desk Jockey

The body of a desk jockey is similar to that of an athlete. That is the body adapts to anything that you do with it on a continuous basis. In this case, the body gets accustomed to sitting and this is not considered to be a good accomplishment. Pain may develop in the wrists and neck but the most popular issue for a desk jockey is lower back pain. In addition to maintaining the right posture when sitting, there are some stretches and exercises that you can do to alleviate lower back pain.

Making the figure 8

This might cause laughter and distraction if the desk jockey does this exercise at the office. This is because it involves making the figure 8 with the rear end while sitting. Move the rear end from left to right then back to front. This can repeated in the other direction. This usually significantly decreases lower back pain.

Lunges on the chair

Slide to the chair front. Place your right foot to the back. In this position, your knee should point to the floor. Open the hip by contracting the right glute. Hold in that position for a minute. Do this with the other leg.

Stretches to relieve lower back pain

Ensure shoes are comfortable before doing neck and back stretches to relieve pains in the lower back. These should not involve pain and the body should not be forced into any difficult positions. Slowly move into the stretch to avoid muscle tear from bouncing. On a large and flat surface, place heels on the ground with knees bent. Use both hands to bring one knee to your chest. Hold for at least 25 seconds. Repeat with other knee. Another effective stretch is to lie on your back and pull knees to chest and flex the head towards them at the same time. Continue to do this until you are comfortable in the balled-up position.

If you are a desk jockey and sitting while reading this, you can start doing some of the suggested exercises. Some of them will give quick relieve and others you will feel the benefits only if you do them regularly and continuously.